1. The Paperwork
    1. Accessing Forms
  2. Tax Forms
  3. Registered Education Savings Plans
  4. Maintaining Interest-Free Status on Previous Student Loans
  5. The Undergraduate Calendar

The Paperwork

Directing your student to the appropriate paperwork is an important way to support your student during their time at Carleton. Carleton University is committed to protecting the privacy of all students. To that end, the Carleton University Privacy Office seeks to encourage the implementation of the privacy provisions of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) within the university.

Accessing Forms

As parents, if your student is 18 or above, their information will not be made available to you without the receipt of a Third Party Consent form. There is no single Third Party Consent form used across the university; instead your student will need to submit forms for specific departments. Below are some of the common Third Party Consent Forms:

Tax Forms

At tax time, many parents claim their students’ tuition fees on their income tax forms. The Tuition and Education Certificate or T2202 is available to each student through Carleton Central. Students simply request a T2202 on the web and print out the screen. The printed copy meets all requirements from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. T2202s are not mailed out to students.

For Quebec residents, Releve 8 Tax Credit Forms must be requested by the student through the Registrar’s Office.

Registered Education Savings Plans

Many parents have opened RESPs for their student’s education. In order to release the funds, these institutions require confirmation of academic standing or enrolment from the University. Students who require an official Verification of Student Status (VOSS) in order to access Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) funds, or to help obtain other financial assistance, must request their VOSS through Carleton Central (Select ‘Request a Transcript/Certificate of Enrolment/Verification of Student Status’ from the main menu).

The VOSS details the student’s Program, Year in Program, Enrolment status and the current Academic session dates and is accepted by all Registered Education Savings Plan Providers (including Knowledge First, CST, Children’s Education, Global and Heritage), as well as by most other institutions.

The Year of Study and Current Enrollment Status information on your VOSS is current as of the day you placed your request. Year of Study is adjusted daily as grade information becomes available and Current Enrollment status is updated whenever registration changes are made. Please review your VOSS to confirm that your Year of Study and Current Enrollment Status information is correct before submitting your form to your provider. If your delivered form contains out of date information, please resubmit the request once your Year of Standing or Current Enrollment statuses have been updated.

Note – all VOSS requests are produced electronically and emailed directly to the student’s Carleton email account within two business days of request. The awards office does not email third parties. The electronic document is official and is accepted by all RESP providers and most other institutions.

Maintaining Interest-Free Status on Previous Student Loans

Students are generally not required to make payments on government student loans while they are enrolled in full-time studies. However, students must notify their lender that they have returned to full-time study so that their loans will be placed in interest-free status. This can be done two ways.

  1. Reapply for government student assistance through their home province or territory’s student financial aid program (e.g. OSAP).
  2. Complete a separate Continuation of Interest Free Status application through their home province or territory.

In either case, the lender will be notified as part of the process.

While loans are in interest-free status, interest will not be charged and students will not need to make monthly payments.

Contact the Awards Office for additional information and assistance.

The Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is your student’s official resource for all their academic requirements for their degree or program as well as Carleton’s admission and academic rules and regulations. The Calendar is also a great source of important dates and deadlines that your student will need to be aware of. As parents, this will be an important resource for you to be aware of. If your student is confused by their program requirements or about upcoming dates and deadlines, you should direct them to the calendar.