Tax Forms

At tax time, many parents claim their son/daughters’ tuition fees on their income tax forms. The Tuition and Education Certificate or T2202 is available to each student through Carleton Central. Students simply request a T2202 on the web and print out the screen. The printed copy meets all requirements from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. T2202s are not mailed out to students.

For Quebec residents, Releve 8 Tax Credit Forms must be requested by the student through the Registrar’s Office.

Registered Education Savings Plans

Many parents have opened RESPs for their son/daughters’ education. In order to release the funds, these institutions require confirmation of academic standing or enrolment from the University. These forms can either be mailed or faxed to the attention of the Registrar’s Office for completion. Ensure that your son/daughter has signed the portion authorizing the release of information. Once completed, Carleton sends the forms directly to the institutions/companies holding the funds. Please note that these forms cannot be processed until the University has completed its academic performance evaluation (typically completed at the end of June each year) and normal processing time is 2-3 weeks.

Maintaining Interest-Free Status on Previous Student Loans

As long as students are in full-time studies (at least a 60% course load/40% for students with permanent disabilities), they do not have to re-pay their OSAP loan – the provincial and federal governments continue to pay the interest of the loan during this time.

In order to maintain interest free status and avoid placing outstanding loans in default, students must inform their lender (either a bank and/or National Student Loan Service Centre) that they are in full-time studies.

Students should contact the Awards Office or check the Awards OSAP site for information on how to maintain their interest-free status.