This page is all about how to keep track of where your student is in the progression of their first year, including steps to prepare before your student arrives on campus. We start off with our available calendars and then provide you a month-by-month overview!

Undergraduate Calendar

The Undergraduate Calendar is your student’s official resource for all their academic requirements for their degree or program as well as Carleton’s admission and academic rules and regulations. The Calendar is also a great source of important dates and deadlines that your student will need to be aware of. As parents, this will be an important resource for you to be aware of. If your student is confused by their program requirements or about upcoming dates and deadlines, you should direct them to here.

The Student Clock

The Student Clock is our guide to supporting your student throughout the academic year! Throughout the year, your Raven will face different parts of the university experience for the first time. The Student Clock will help you be prepared to meet guide them through these experiences.

Late Summer

The transition from high school to university, or to an upper year, can be overwhelming for many students. Before your student starts a new year, exploring new classes and ideas, resources and student life available at Carleton, make sure to support them through any nerves or feelings of doubt they may be having.

Whether they are moving into residence, off-campus housing or continuing to live at home, meeting a new roommates and classmates can be both an exciting and stressful time for your student. It’s important to stress communication so that they can learn how to live and learn together as they adapt to these new challenges.

Now is a good time for your student to…

Starting the Fall Term

While the start of the term is an exciting time, students should keep in mind that classes do start quickly, even if they are delivered through a digital format. If they are struggling to adjust to the new academic demands, the Online Student Success Modulethe Mentorship Network and the Center for Student Academic Success (CSAS) all offer support resources to help your students meet their goals

After a relaxing summer, your student may be having difficulty balancing their personal, academic, and social lives. Continue to be there for your student during potential homesickness, getting accustomed to – or readjusted to – campus life and new academic standards. There are many resources on campus to help your student that you can direct them to.

Now is a good time for your student to…

  • Purchase or rent their textbooks for the term from the Carleton Bookstore.
  • Look into  peer mentorship programs provided by the Student Experience Office (SEO) in order to help students transition into university life.
  • Encourage your student to join the Online Student Success Module to learn more about how they can be successful in online courses.
  • Explore Pathways to Graduation to identify the skills they can develop through their program and discover future possibilities and career paths.
  • Visit their professors during office hours for extra academic and emotional support.

End of the Fall Term

At this point, students can begin viewing their official examination schedule for the fall term finals and fall/winter mid-terms, before going through the mid-term and final examination period. Classes end early in December. Exams typically occur seven days a week and students may have multiple exams in a short period of time, or may have days between exams or final assignments. To ensure you are supporting your student during the stress of exams encourage them to check out Carleton Wellness for additional support.

Your student may be feeling like they pushed themselves too hard during the fall term. They may have consistently stayed up too late or just not gotten enough rest. Encourage them to take care of their health and make sure they are eating properly, exercising and getting enough sleep.

Now is a good time for your student to…

  • Take advantage of exam preparation workshops at the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS).
  • Explore how TAO Self-Help can help students learn positive skills for personal growth – or to assist them in bouncing back from life’s disappointments and frustrations.
  • Visit the CU Money Blog for ideas on managing finances and budgeting during university years.
  • Make sure to take breaks and get active through the live and on-demand fitness classes, eSports tournaments and more from Carleton Athletics.

Early Winter Term

January can be a busy month as students return from winter holidays to start the new term. After a well-deserved break, it’s also an ideal time for students to begin planning ahead for their summer term, whether that be thinking of classes to enrol in, looking for summer employment or off-campus housing.

With Winter Break approaching and midterm examinations soon after, encourage your students to balance their academic studies with stress-reducing activities. If your student is concerned about the approaching mid-terms, suggest that they take advantage of Carleton’s various academic supports.

Now is a good time for your student to…

  • Start looking into where they will be living next year.
  • Explore their access to in-person, by telephone and video-counselling or e-counselling through Empower Me Counselling Services.
  • Determine whether they will be pursuing a co-op or gaining other career experiences based on their program.
  • Students in PASS supported courses can meet with PASS facilitators virtually and participate in the workshops online.

End of the Winter Term

The students get to spend much of March enjoying the increasing warmth of early spring and preparing for their final examinations in April, yet spring is a busy time academically for your student. Many of their final assignments and papers will be due during this time. Encourage them to start early and plan their time. Encourage your student to check out the various workshops that the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) offers to help them plan their time. Registration for summer classes typical opens at the end of March.

With final exams approaching, encourage your student to continue to maintain a balanced lifestyle and to reach out to professors, teaching assistants or classmates if they need help with the materials. Encourage them to contact CSAS to get tips on how to study and prepare for exams. For some first-year students, it’s possible that the end of the term is first time they write large university exams. You can also encourage your student to participate in a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) or mock exam review session if it is available for their course(s).

Now is a good time for your student to…

The university experience differs from student to student. During transitions from year-to-year, students will gain independence as they move away from campus and into a new environment. Be prepared to support your student through stressful discussions on finances, rights and responsibilities.

Pathways to Graduation is there to help your student navigate their journey to graduation from start to finish.