1. Parents of International Students
  2. Concerned Parents
  3. Payment
  4. Travel Authorizations

Parents of International Students

In addition to the normal stresses and adjustments all new university students experience, international students face their own unique set of challenges.  Being so far away from home and family can make the transition to university life significantly more difficult. Being in a new country, culture, climate and academic environment can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Many international students require additional supports specific to their needs and experience.

The International Student Services Office, (ISSO), is here to support your student with this transition and for the duration of their stay at Carleton.  Encourage your student to contact the ISSO for support on any issue be it academic or personal.  If we are not the appropriate service to assist them, we will make sure they are quickly connected to the correct service.

Parents may be interested to learn more about necessary travel authorizations, the payment process, or who to contact if they have concerns.

Concerned Parents

If you are concerned about your student’s well-being, you can connect with the following individuals directly.

Vicki Boman, Student Support Case Manager – Office of Student Affairs (victoria.boman@carleton.ca)

Carolyn McGill, Coordinator Immigration and International Projects– ISSO (carolynmcgill@carleton.ca)

It is important to note that not all information can be revealed without a student’s consent. Find out more about release of information here.


While poor academic performance and financial difficulties will have a negative effect on any student, the stakes are much higher for international students, as these situations can impact their status with CIC. It is crucial that you and your student are aware of all fees owing on the account and the payment deadlines.

Important financial information as well as payment deadlines can be found here.

Travel Authorizations

Study Permits

International students must maintain a valid study permit for the entire duration of their studies in Canada.  The study permit is the single document that authorizes the student to be in Canada. Most students will have to extend their study permit at some point.  It is crucial that the student be aware of the expiry date on their study permit and take steps to apply for an extension at least 2-3 months prior to the expiry date. A study permit expired for more than 90 days cannot be restored from inside Canada. In this case, the student must return home and apply for a new study permit.


No Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) document will be issued beyond the expiry date of a student’s passport.  Therefore, students should be aware of their passport expiry date.  If expiring, a passport renewal must be done before applying for a study permit extension.

Temporary Resident Visas

A TRV is the Visa which is adhered directly into the passport of many but not all international students. Depending on your country of citizenship, if one was required it would have been issued to you when you applied for your study permit.

Electronic Travel Authorities (eTA)

Citizens from Visa exempt countries do not require a TRV to enter Canada, but as of March 2016, they will require an electronic travel authorization, (eTA).  More information on eTA’s can be found here:

CIC Regulations and Compliance expectations

CIC expects all international students to be studying full time during the fall and winter semesters and steadily progressing towards completion of their program.  Full time status at Carleton means you are registered in a minimum of 1.5 credits per term, (for undergraduate students).