1. Parents of International Students
  2. Immigration
  3. Health and Counselling
  4. Financial Matters
  5. Academic Advising
  6. Concerned Parents

Parents of International Students

In addition to the normal stresses and adjustments all new university students experience, international students face their own unique set of challenges. Being so far away from home and family can make the transition to university life significantly more difficult. Being in a new country, culture, climate and academic environment can be both exciting and overwhelming. Many international students require additional supports specific to their needs and experience.

While poor academic performance, financial difficulties and health issues will have a negative effect on any student, the stakes are much higher for international students, as these situations can have an impact on their immigration status as temporary residents.

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) is here to support your student with this transition and for the duration of their stay at Carleton. Encourage your student to contact the ISSO for help on any issue, whether academic or personal. If we are not the appropriate service to assist them, we will make sure they are quickly connected to the correct resource.


Parents and students should know about the terms and conditions that apply to study permit holders in Canada. This includes the requirement to remain enrolled in classes and the rules about working.

The ISSO has licensed immigration professionals who provide information and advice on immigration issues and assist students with their applications to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Health and Counselling

International students have full access to Carleton University’s Health and Counselling Services.

The ISSO can answer any questions about the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), the mandatory health coverage plan for international students that pays for these and other health services in Canada.

Financial Matters

It is crucial that you and your student are aware of Carleton’s payment deadlines and fees owing on the student account. Important financial information as well as payment deadlines can be found on the Student Accounts Receivable site.

Academic Advising

Students can meet with an advisor at the Academic Advising Centre to discuss choosing or changing degree elements or to ask questions about academic rules and regulations. Changes in academic status can potentially impact an immigration status, so students should also consult the ISSO if they are planning to go from full-time to part-time status or take a break from school.

Concerned Parents

If you are concerned about your student’s well-being, you can connect with the following services directly.

However, please note that information cannot be revealed without a student’s consent through a Third Party Release form in Carleton360.