1. How to Authorize a Third-Party Release
  2. Uses of the Third-Party Release

Although your academic record is private by default, you may elect to give access of your record to a third party. Consent must be submitted in advance through Carleton 360 before any information will be shared with the people or organizations you specify.

How to Authorize a Third-Party Release

  1. Login to Carleton 360 with your MC1 credentials.
  2. Click “Third Party Release” on the left hand side and select “Create New Undergraduate Third Party Release”.
  3. Fill in all of the mandatory fields, and select the options which you would like to release to your Third Party. Ensure your Third Party is aware of your Validation Question and Answer.
  4. Ensure you hit submit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your cmail account if the record has saved correctly.

*Please note, you can only submit a Third Party Release for the maximum duration of one year, after that time, you must re-submit your request. An email will be sent prior to the expiry of any active Third Party releases to remind you to review your releases.

Uses of the Third-Party Release

A Third-Party Release can be used to share the following information with a chosen person or organization:

  • Confirmation of graduation and degree
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Petitions and Appeals
  • Pick up my certificate(s) of enrollment
  • Pick up my diploma
  • Pick up my transcript(s)
  • Registration Amendments