1. What is the University of Ottawa Exchange?
  2. Requirements
  3. When & How do I apply?
  4. How-To Videos
  5. FAQs

If you are a student from the University of Ottawa looking to study at Carleton University, please visit the Special (Non-Degree) students page on the Registration Website.

What is the University of Ottawa Exchange?

Carleton students who meet the requirements may enroll in courses at the University of Ottawa through the Undergraduate Exchange Program.

Grades for courses you complete at the University of Ottawa will appear on your Carleton transcript and will be used in the calculation of your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Tuition fees are applied to your Carleton student account and the courses taken on the University of Ottawa exchange are included in your per term credit total.


  • Students with second year standing and above must be Eligible to Continue at their last Academic Continuation Evaluation or, have an overall CGPA of 4.0.
  • First year students may only register in up to two half-credit courses.
  • You may only take courses that are essential to your program, count within your current degree requirements and are not being offered by Carleton.
  • Students cannot audit courses on the University of Ottawa Exchange.
  • You must ensure that your timetable is free of conflicts when you register.
  • You are responsible for respecting University of Ottawa dates and deadlines for registration and withdrawal.
  • Withdrawals from University of Ottawa Exchange courses are handled by the appropriate University of Ottawa faculty office.
  • Engineering student’s eligibility is assessed by the Faculty of Engineering and different criteria for approval may apply.

When & How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted as follows:

  • Fall courses: beginning July 1st
  • Winter courses: beginning November 1st
  • Summer courses: beginning March 1st

Steps to Apply:

  1. Download the form
  2. Save the blank form to your files
  3. Complete the form with the requisite information
  4. Save the completed form
  5. Email the completed form to registrar@carleton.ca from your Carleton email, and include a link to the University of Ottawa course description for each course listed
  6. View the checklist under the “Downloads” section at the bottom of this page for the registration process for Carleton student studying at the University of Ottawa.

How-To Videos

These videos will give you an overview of the University of Ottawa Exchange program as well as a detailed guide on how to apply.

University of Ottawa Exchange Part 1: Overview | Carleton Central How-To

University of Ottawa Exchange Part 2: Application Process | Carleton Central How-To