Students who have 15.50 or more credits complete* will have their major CGPA checked once a year at the end of the winter term provided they were registered.

Students with a major CGPA of less than 6.00 will be placed in a corresponding non-honours program provided their overall CGPA permits them to continue in the non-honours program.  Students will be notified by email of this adjustment.

If you have been placed in a non-honours program, it is strongly recommended you meet with an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Centre or a Departmental Advisor in your Department.

You may consider the following:

  • Continue in and complete the Non-honours degree, or
  • Complete courses as though you were still in the Honours program in an effort to raise your CGPA(s) and be re-admitted to Honours at a later date. If you decide that you want to complete your Honours degree, it is important that you meet with an advisor at the Academic Advising Centre. The advisor can review your audit and discuss strategies to get back into the Honours program.
  • You may also apply to change your major within your degree, using the Change of Program Elements application as long as you meet the minimum academic requirements for a new major. This application is available on Carleton Central under the “Student Online Applications” menu.

Please contact the Academic Advising Centre if you have questions regarding this process.

See calendar section 3.4.6 Minimum CGPA Requirements for Graduation for more information.

NOTE: Some Honours programs do not have a corresponding Non-honours program. Regulations for these programs are listed in 3.2.7 Additional Information Concerning Academic Continuation Evaluation for Some Degrees.

*Credits complete are defined as the course credits earned in the courses the student has completed, with either a passing or a failing grade, that would contribute to the credits required for graduation in the student’s program had they been passed. This includes credits obtained through transfer, advanced standing, letters of permission, or exchange. Credits complete does not include courses from which the student has withdrawn.