1. Academic Consideration
  2. Short Term Requests
  3. Long Term Requests

Academic Consideration

As per the Academic Consideration Policy, if students encounter extenuating circumstances that temporarily hinder their capacity to fulfill in-class academic requirements for a period that is five days or less, they can request academic consideration.

NOTE: As per the Policy, students are to speak with/contact their instructor before submitting a request for Academic Consideration. Requests are not automatically approved. Approving and determining the accommodation remains at the discretion of the instructor. Students should consult the course syllabus about the instructor’s policy or procedures for requesting academic consideration.

Students are to complete this form if instructed to do so by their instructor for short-term requests (not exceeding 5 days) as per Academic Consideration Policy. Review the Procedures for Students document (available in the downloads section of this page) to learn more. The complete policy is available via the Secretariat website.

Coursework is defined as academic work assigned to students not including formally scheduled final examinations and take-home examinations.

Short Term Requests

Long Term Requests