Pension Fund Management Office

Pension Fund Management provides leadership to the Pension Committee and the Board in their goal of providing a financially secure Retirement Plan at a reasonable cost for our members. We are responsible for the effective management of the Retirement Fund and are guided by the following foundational goals:

  • Serve Our Members – Communicate effectively and deliver exceptional Member service;
  • Standard of Care – Manage the Retirement Fund with a high standard of care recognizing the needs of all stakeholders;
  • Return Focused – Deliver a reasonable rate of return on the investments while managing to an acceptable level of risk;
  • Thought Leadership – Ensure the effective operation and guidance of the Pension Committee on pension and investment issues; and,
  • Security – Maintain the security of the Retirement Fund assets through strong internal controls and monitoring.

The Pension Fund Management office is also responsible for the investment oversight of the Endowment and reports to the University’s Investment Committee.