A legacy donor is a person who has left a gift in their will or estate plan to a charity of their choice. These types of gifts are commonly called “legacy gifts” and are among the most significant charitable contributions a person can make. But a legacy donor is so much more than a technical definition. A legacy donor to Carleton is a person who believes deeply in the power of giving back and the value of education.

A legacy donor’s estate will receive significant tax benefits for charitable gifts. Though, we know that these tax benefits are not the main purpose behind their philanthropy.

A significant number of Carleton’s legacy donors have chosen to positively impact students through scholarships and bursaries thus making higher education more accessible, impactful and inclusive for the next generations. At Carleton, gifts that meet the financial standards for named funds may be endowed and named in honour of the legacy donor or a loved one and the funds will exist in perpetuity – a lasting tribute in support of education and the greater good of society.

When someone arranges a legacy gift to Carleton, we believe they are elevating us to family status and we want to honour that relationship. Some organizations create “circles” or “societies” to recognize their legacy donors. At Carleton University we have chosen to celebrate and recognize our legacy donors as an integral part of our community that supports our successes now and in the future.

Carleton’s community of legacy donors receive prestige invitations to events and special communications to stay connected and engaged with the charity that they consider family. We are truly honoured and grateful to our community of legacy donors who have chosen to make such lasting and significant contributions to Carleton University.

If you would like to learn more about Carleton’s Community of Legacy Donors please send us an e-mail at plannedgiving@carleton.ca or call 613-520-3636.

Carleton's Community Of Legacy Donor Luncheon And Exclusive Carleton University Art Gallery Tour June 3, 2019. Guests Enjoyed A Lovely Lunch And Explored The Gallery, As Well As Its Featured Exhibits, Marlene Creates: Places, Paths, and Pauses And On Location: Human Interventions In The Landscape. Welcoming Remarks Were Provided By Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Carleton University's Former President and Vice-Chancellor. Raphael Kabuuri, A Third-Year Student In Aerospace Engineering, Then Shared His Story About The Impact Of Donor Support.

Carleton’s Community of Legacy Donor Luncheon and Exclusive Carleton University Art Gallery Tour June 3, 2019. Guests enjoyed a lovely lunch and explored the gallery, as well as its featured exhibits, Marlene Creates: Places, Paths, and Pauses and On Location: Human Interventions in the Landscape. Welcoming remarks were provided by Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Carleton University’s President and Vice-Chancellor. Raphael Kabuuri, a third-year student in Aerospace Engineering, then shared his story about the impact of donor support.