Giving Insight is a dedicated communication focused on highlighting future philanthropy at Carleton University.  Our goal is to provide you with expert, unbiased information and to facilitate strategic charitable giving.

We are inspired by the stories of people who envision a better future and plan charitable gifts in their wills. We are inspired too, by the stories of students whose lives have been changed forever by the opportunity to obtain a Carleton University education because a generous donor has helped them with a bursary or scholarship.

The first edition of Giving Insight was created in 2016 and the newsletter continues to be distributed every fall and spring to over 26,000 alumni, donors, friends and Carleton community members. Past editions of Giving Insight can be located in the library below.


Giving Insight Fall 2023 

Giving Insight Spring 2023

Giving Insight Fall 2022

Giving Insight Spring 2022

Giving Insight Fall 2021

Giving Insight Spring 2021

Giving Insight Fall 2020

Giving Insight Spring 2020

Giving Insight Fall 2019

Giving Insight Spring 2019

Giving Insight Fall 2018

Giving Insight Spring 2018

Giving Insight Fall 2017

Giving Insight Spring 2017

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