Our institution was founded in 1942 with the mission to provide opportunity to the young people of Ottawa and serve the broader region and its citizens. That mission remains true today, though now we serve a global community – we believe that through higher education Carleton University contributes to the greater good of society.

On campus, students are immersed in many fields of study, motivated by hands-on experience in the classroom as they prepare for careers in our rapidly changing job market. But the true impact of their studies is in their potential – as graduates they, like many of you, are driven by a desire to change the world and contribute to the greater good over the long term.

As a community institution, Carleton can offer philanthropic partnerships that match that long-term and lasting ambition. Your personal plan for good can invest in and nurture the enduring potential of generations of students. You can help:

  • Provide students with innovative programs for today and tomorrow.
  • Foster productive, engaged and successful students.
  • Connect and partner with community and businesses to advance excellence in research.

Through partnership, our donors and champions give not TO Carleton but THROUGH Carleton – so that together we can contribute more to the good of society, its economy and institutions, and the health and well-being of citizens around the world. Together we are here for good.