“We must never forget that the trained intelligence of a nation is its greatest asset, greater than any material resource.” – Henry Marshall Tory, Carleton University founder and first President, 1943

The most important measure of a university’s success is the success of its students, and there is a strong relationship between student success and philanthropic support from alumni.  Gifts to Carleton often provide significant financial aid to students – whether as incentives for students to keep their grades up (scholarships), or relief from financial stress (bursaries).  Donors have also enabled outstanding student experiences and the development of new, innovative programs that will equip young scholars to succeed and become leaders in their chosen fields of work and service.

The greatest investments we make are in our young people – giving them the opportunities to learn, discover and shape our world for the public good.

Planning your legacy through Carleton University is a powerful statement of trust – it’s a belief in the value proposition of higher education, and how our graduates will affect all of society.  A gift in your Will could, quite possibly, change the world.

Carleton’s team of professional gift planners can help you plan your legacy to be impactful, enduring, and a true expression of your values.

  • Most gifts cost you nothing now.
  • Notifying us of your gift in no way obligates you.
  • You can change your beneficiaries any time.
  • Your thoughtful gift of any amount will enrich students’ learning.