Ted Hannah Sitting Outside On Rocks In Front of Trees And Water

Ted Hannah

By: Jenna Hobin, B.A. Hons
Giving Insight Fall 2022 Edition

“I think it’s important to do your part, and hope that the next generation does theirs.” Although Ted Hannah grew up in a humble household, his parents were dedicated community volunteers who passed on their values of philanthropy to him.

While Ted currently spends his time perusing the pages of new literature and walking along the waterfront path of the Vancouver Seawall, some of his fondest memories were shaped across the country at Carleton University. From the administrator for student-aid to Davidson Dunton—Carleton’s former President—Ted’s reminiscences of Carleton’s staff and faculty from his time as a student were one of his inspirations behind becoming a donor.

The other was his intrinsic passion to ensure that future generations of students can access the same opportunities he had received during his post-secondary studies. As a first-generation student in his family, the bursary he received meant that he could continue in Psychology through the summer months to complete his undergraduate degree.

Despite initially coming to Carleton to pursue a Science program in the 1960s, Ted was drawn to his roommate’s ‘Introduction to Psychology’ textbook that transpired into him declaring a Major in Psychology shortly after. This cultivated the pathway for Ted to later be offered a scholarship to attend his Master’s in Psychology at Carleton, and later paved the way for him to complete his PhD. As a recipient of financial aid throughout his time at Carleton, Ted acknowledged that this support is what enabled him to lead a 36-year long career as a Professor of Psychology, retiring as an Honourary Research Professor. This led Ted to make a gift in his will in hopes that it opens the doors for students to reach their aspirations, regardless of financial barriers—just as it did for him.

The process of creating a legacy gift with the Planned Giving team is one that sparked nostalgia for Ted, as it reinforced the caring community that made him proud to be an alumnus and donor. Ted recounted choosing Carleton for its reputation for serving veterans following WWII, and views his gift as a way to be a part of continuing its legacy of giving back to the community by helping students further their education.

As Ted said, “I never forgot how I got my start at Carleton. As a Professor, it was important to me to interest and excite students in my courses, and to support them as they struggled to find their way.”