Tochtech’s seniors-focused solutions are the basis for two significant research projects taking place this October. Both these Mitacs sponsored projects are looking to understand how the senior care industry which has faced many challenges in the last two years, can benefit from technology and innovation.

Night Time Bed Occupancy Project is focused on better supporting staff caring for Persons Living with Dementia (PLWD) within assisted living and other communal living models.  One key symptom of dementia is disorientation for time and/or place that can lead to a disruption in the circadian rhythm. A result of this, is that PLWD can wake overnight and be confused about when and/or where they are, leading to them exiting their bed and wandering that can include leaving their own room in a care home, or potentially falling and not being detected until someone happens to check on them. Researchers are using Tochtech’s Sleepsense bed monitor to assess if the sensor system will improve staff ability to support residents that have exited beds through more effective response and staff efficiency. Collaborating parties on this 6-month project include SAM3 (researches from Carleton, Breyere and UOttawa),  Bruyère Continuing Care, Courtyards Senior Residences and Tochtech Technologies.