Joint initiative of Carleton University, CUASA and University of Ottawa

In 2014, Carleton University and the Carleton University Academic Staff Association (CUASA) agreed to collaborate in joining the international Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network. The University of Ottawa agreed to join Carleton in this initiative, and we are very proud to have co-hosted our first SAR scholar, Hossein Raeesi, during the current academic year. We are now in the process of appointing a second SAR scholar for the 2016-‘17 academic year and the appointment will be announced later in the spring.

An international network protecting threatened scholars

SAR is an international network of higher education institutions dedicated to protecting threatened scholars, preventing attacks on the founding principles of higher education and promoting academic freedom worldwide. The network protects scholars suffering grave threats to their lives, liberty and well-being by arranging positions of sanctuary at institutions in the network. In addition to Carleton and Ottawa, other Canadian members are Centennial College, Concordia, McGill, McMaster, Memorial, Ottawa, Guelph, Western, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver Island, and York University. SAR is not just about providing refuge; it also benefits the local academic community. Indeed, SAR participants bring their scholarly knowledge from around the world and provide a different lens through which to understand and analyze subject matter. For more details and information about this important program, please visit the international SAR website at: To organize the program we have an established SAR Committee chaired by Melanie Adrian, assistant professor in Law and Legal Studies, and comprising members from the Carleton and University of Ottawa communities. The SAR Committee continues to be very active in making arrangements for hosting the next SAR scholar and is seeking support from the community. We encourage you to respond positively by helping to raise funds to support the SAR scholar. For more information about Carleton’s SAR initiative, including a list of committee members and upcoming events, please visit our Scholars at Risk webpage.

Provost to match funds up to $15,000

We are seeking a total of $60,000 split evenly between Carleton and uOttawa to support a SAR scholar for one academic year. The Office of the Provost at Carleton has again pledged up to $15,000 to match funds donated by members of the Carleton community, including members of CUASA, to reach the Carleton target. Together, CUASA and Carleton are currently raising money to support this initiative. We have set up a convenient payroll deduction process so that Carleton faculty and staff can make tax-deductible donations to this important cause. A number of individuals have made very generous donations (such as $50 per pay slip) and we hope that through many donations both small and large we will raise the $15,000 to match the amount provided by the Office of the Provost. Last year’s campaign was very successful, and we hope that this year’s giving campaign will be equally so. You can donate either through the Campus Community Campaign ( and type in “Scholars at Risk” or you can find instructions for making a payroll deduction by visiting our Scholars at Risk webpage.

You contribution will make a difference

This year’s SAR scholar, Hossein Raeesi, has demonstrated the incredible value of this program, and he has been very well received at Carleton and uOttawa, as well as in the broader Ottawa community. We urge you to support this initiative by donating to the Carleton SAR program. This spring, help us reach our goal of $15,000 by donating now. Your contribution will make a difference in a scholar’s life, and all of us will benefit from this. On behalf of Carleton and CUASA, we thank you for your support and look forward to being able to host our second SAR scholar in the fall term of 2016.

Pum van Veldhoven, President, CUASA
Peter Ricketts, Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

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