INDG 1010: Introduction to Indigenous Peoplehood Studies

With Professor Andrés López

Please take a moment to check out the following student work completed as part of their final projects in INDG 1010: Introduction to Indigenous Peoplehood Studies, Winter 2022 at Carleton University. These works are shared with permission of the students. More extensive descriptions are provided with each of the project posts at #IndigenousStudiesCarleton. Please note the content warnings (CW).

Excerpt from Angeleah’s artist statement:

“… The photos I have taken are meant to represent Indigenous presence in Ottawa, a city that is built on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory. With these photos, I wish to combat ideas of colonization, by demonstrating the strength and resiliency of Indigenous peoples through aspiring images of Indigenous existence outside isolated and enclosed reservation environments. In other words, I want these photos to portray the strong and resilient presence of Indigenous peoples in urban settings, despite the efforts of colonization, assimilation and continuous acts of genocide.

My experience as an Indigenous woman, on and off-reserve, has inspired me to create this four-photo series. Learning to navigate in a world, designed to eliminate me and my people’s cultural and traditional means of existence, has been equally challenging and eye-opening. The last two years I have spent living off my reserve in Ottawa, have made me feel embarrassed and shameful of my Indigenous identity. These photos remind me that who I am, and where I come from is something to be proud of and not hide. I hope others battling with thoughts of their identity find a sense of peace in my work, such as I did. We deserve to feel worthy.”