Good if…

Not good if…


Familiarize yourself with…A list of common Facebook terms

A tool for all—the young and the old and a place to share everything from your thought of the day to a video of Raffi urging students to vote.

  • Founded in higher education
  • Mobile friendly
  • Targetted and affordable
  • Based on social networks
  • You want to share your messages on a site where students already are.
  • You want to regularly promote discussion about your department.
  • You want students to start sometimes passionate discussions with one another on topics that relate to your department.
  • You’re afraid that people may say something negative in front of other students.
  • You want to control the discussions.



Familiarize yourself with…The Twitter Glossary

Your news to your followers in 140-characters or less.

  • Public
  • Casual
  • Responsive
  • Real time
  • You like to share lots of information in a quick way.
  • You want other people to share your news as well.
  • Everything you send out needs to include detailed information.
  • You want complete control of all the messages that come out about your group.
  • You don’t want to always be monitoring your feed.



Familiarize yourself with…A blog about blogs

A place to share your well thought out opinions and to engage others in discussion about them.

  • Fun
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Accessible

  • You’re an engaging writer with a number of topics you’d like to generate discussion on.
  • You’re willing to participate in discussions even after you’ve posted your blog.
  • You’re able to think up a number of topics to write 400 words plus about.
  • You’re afraid to take a side on a topic or unable to see two points on one topic.
  • You don’t want people to be able to share a different opinion.



Familiarize yourself with…The YouTube Glossary

Sharing stories through video.

  • Entertaining
  • Short
  • You’ve got a video camera, engaging speakers, and a story to tell in two minutes or less.
  • You have a group of people too shy to talk on camera.