Looking for the right size for all your social media platform cover designs? Here’s a resource you can use if you’re trying to figure out how big your Facebook cover photo should be or how to size your twitter profile picture.

Setting up your Facebook Account

How you set up your page will dictate how people are going to interact with you. Your name, your logo or page image should speak to what your group is all about.


First things first, you need to establish a name. Remember that your name is going to act like your own brand and should also reflect your affiliation with Carleton University. Because length of a name isn’t as big a factor with Facebook as it is with other social media tools like Twitter, feel free to spell out Carleton University in your title. From there, adding your department or group name makes the most sense.

Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Your profile picture must be at least 180 pixels by 180 pixels. From there, Facebook creates a thumbnail that displays next to all of your posts and at the top of your profile. This thumbnail is 160 pixels by 160 pixels. Be sure that the thumbnail doesn’t cut off valuable content from your default photo, such as words or the top of the design.

Facebook cover photos are 851 pixels by 315 pixels. If your image is smaller than that, it will be stretched to fill up the space.

You can download one of our Carleton University themed Cover Photos below to use on your Facebook Timeline. Simply click an image, save it to your hard drive and then upload it to Facebook as a Cover Photo.

Capital Hoops 2013 19 thumbnail

Capital Hoops 2013 (68) (1) - thumbnail

Capital Hoops 2013 (51) - thumbnail

DB2009_DBS1410 thumbnail

Convocation June 7th 2012 - James Park (5) thumbnail

JJ 2007Hockey thumbnail

JJ2007Skating by Tower (2) thumbnail

JJ2006Quad05 thumbnail

JJ2006Sign01 thumbnail

JJ 2007MapleIce Picnic (7) thumbnail

JJ2008GroupFacesLawn thumbnail

Residence Move-In 2012 (4) (1) thumbnail

JJ2008TwoGirlsByRiver (3)-474127544 thumbnail

SAE Car2009DSC_0249 thumbnail

Residence Move-In 2012 (2) thumbnail

Setting up your Twitter Account

As with other social media accounts, your name and your logo are a large part of your branding efforts and should therefore be a big consideration with your account.

Name and Bio

It is best if you use CU_(insert department name) or something similar.  This way people searching can find you easily and it will be easy for them to insert your name when tweeting at you.

Putting together your bio should not cause you too much grief but there are a few things to keep in mind: keep it short, state what you’re hoping to help share with people, and refer to your affiliation with Carleton—even though your name and logo may appear to say it all for you, your bio is one spot where you have a chance to convince someone you’re worth following.

Logo and Background

Your logo should include some reference to Carleton while also making sure it differs in some way from the other Carleton University logo.

You can change the background screen for your Twitter page to reflect your Carleton affiliation and your group in particular. This is just another opportunity to think about branding your Twitter persona.

Download one of our Carleton University themed Cover Photos to use as your Twitter header photo. Simply click an image, save it to your hard drive and then upload it to Twitter.

Residence Move-In 2012 (4) (1) thumbnail

Residence Move-In 2012 (2) thumbnail

JJ2006Quad05 thumbnail

DB2009_DBS1410 thumbnail

Capital Hoops 2013 (68) (1) thumbnail

Capital Hoops 2013 (51) thumbnail

Capital Hoops 2013 (19) thumbnail

2013 CIS Championship by Carol Kan (56) thumbnail