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CU Twitter Accounts

University Leadership

@CU_President President and Vice-Chancellor
@CU_Provost Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
@CU_BoardChair Chair of the Board of Governors

Student Services

@Carleton_U Carleton University (Current Students)
@CUGradStudies Carleton University (Graduate Studies)
@Carleton_future Carleton University (Prospective Students)
@CarletonSEO Student Experience Office
@hirecarleton_u Co-op and Career Services
@CUAwards Awards Office
@CarletonISSO International Student Services Office
@CU_Tuition Student Accounts
@CarletonSSSC Science Student Success Centre
@CarletonLibrary MacOdrum Library

Faculties and Departments

@SprottSchool Sprott School of Business
@IAS_Carleton Carleton Institute of African Studies
@CarletonU_Eng Carleton Engineering
@CU_FASS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
@FPACarleton Faculty of Public Affairs
@CU_NPSIA Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
@CarletonScience Faculty of Science
@CU_Psychology Carleton University Department of Psychology
@GIS_Carleton Geographic Information Systems
@EURUSCarletonU European, Russian and Eurasian Studies’ (EURUS)
@CUinEnglish Department of English Language and Literature
@cuLegalStudies Carleton Legal Studies
@MyCUFilm Carleton University Film Program
@CarletonDGES Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
@ErthSciCarleton Department of Earth Sciences
@CU_History Department of History
@cu_polisci Department of Political Science


@CarletonAlumni Carleton Alumni
@TheFutureFunder Future Funder


@CU_Research Carleton Research
@ARC_Carleton Archives Research Collections

Administrative Departments

@CU_Teaching Teaching & Learning Services
@CU_UnivServices Carleton University Services
@CU_CampusCard Campus Card
@CU_STC Carleton Science Tech Centre
@Carleton_IT Information Technology Services (ITS)
@CarletonRes Carleton Residence
@CarletonPrivacy Privacy Office
@CarletonSafety Carleton University Department of Safety
@CUArtGallery Carleton University Art Gallery
@CU_Quality Office of Quality Initiatives
@CU_HWP Carleton’s Healthy Workplace office
@CU_Discovery Carleton Discovery Centre
@Carleton_Online  Carleton University OnLine
@CUSASC Carleton University Sexual Assault Services


@CURavens Carleton Ravens
@RavensCentre Carleton Athletics

News and Events

@CUnewsroom Department of University Communications
@CharlatanLive The Charlatan

Student Association

@cusaonline Carleton University Students Association
@cusapresident CUSA President
@gsacarleton Graduate Student Association

CU Facebook Accounts

Student Services

Carleton University (Main)
Carleton Future Students
Co-op and Career Services
International Student Services Office
Mental Health at Carleton
Enriched Support Program (ESP)
Aboriginal Support Program (AESP)
SLaLS Language Resource Room
Science Student Success Centre

Faculty Departments

College of Humanities
Faculty of Engineering and Design
Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS)
Department of Economics Carleton University
Faculty of Public Affairs
Carleton University English Department
Carleton University Department of Psychology
Département de français de l’Université Carleton
Sprott School of Business Students
Carleton University Political Science
Department of Law and Legal Studies
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Department of Earth Sciences
Department of History


Archives Research Collections


Alumni Association
Future Funder

Administrative Departments

Campus Card Office
Carleton University Services
Carleton University Department of University Safety
Carleton University Art Gallery
Carleton University Healthy Workplace
Carleton University Discovery Centre

Ravens and Athletics

Carleton University Ravens
Carleton University Athletics

CU Instagram Accounts


CU YouTube Accounts

CarletonUVideos Carleton University (Main)
Official Ravens
EDC video channel
MacOdrum Library
CarletonUWeb – Web Services

CU LinkedIn Accounts

The Fresh Thinking Series Carleton University LinkedIn group for Carleton staff & faculty
Carleton University Healthy Workplace
Carleton University Alumni Association

CU Pinterest Accounts

Carleton University Carleton University main account
Carleton University Healthy Workplace Healthy Workplace account
Archives Research Collections

To Get Added to the Directory

To have your site listed in the  directory email socialmedia@carleton.ca. You’ll be asked to submit the name and url of your social media site.

Naming Conventions

If you use or are planning to use Social Media on behalf of Carleton University, it is recommended you:

1. Incorporate Carleton or CU into your online identity
2. Consider engaging University Communications for a professional logo design.
3. Provide contact info on your Social Media site: e.g. URLs, email addresses, phone no.
4. Keep your registry information up-to-date

Report suspected unaffiliated Carleton University Social Media sites, so that an investigation can take place, and action taken if someone is masquerading as an official site.