Congratulations to the following undergraduate and graduate students for having been awarded prestigious awards and scholarships to conduct cutting-edge research in the Spacecraft Robotics and Control Laboratory:

Kirk Hovell (Ontario Graduate Scholarship), to continue his current master’s research on dynamics analysis and experimental validation of visco-elastic spacecraft tethered systems.

Bradley Kuiack (Institutional USRA), to continue, as a Research Assistant over the summer, his recent study of nonlinear analytical equations of spacecraft relative motion on perturbed eccentric low-Earth orbits.

Cory Fraser (NSERC USRA / NSERC CGS-M), to continue his recent investigation on GPS-based nonlinear stochastic filtering for spacecraft formation flying, first as a Research Assistant over the summer, and then as a graduate student in September 2016.

Alexander Crain (Ontario Graduate Scholarship), to begin his master’s research on nonlinear optimization of robotic capture of uncooperative spinning target spacecraft.