The public discussion about artificial intelligence centres not only on its ubiquity, but also on the lack of governance over its use. A new workshop intends to “bring together experts from government, academia, private industry, and regulatory agencies to inform policy discussions that are ongoing and have lasting effects on the risks AI systems present for Canadians.”

Graeme AuldThe workshop will be led by School of Public Policy and Administration Professor Graeme Auld, who has received a Connection grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to support the endeavor.

“The workshop will focus on an integral part of these regulatory discussions: the appropriate and most effective role for third-party audits in assessing these risks and checking regulatory compliance,” noted Auld in the grant application. “Extensive experience exists with the use of third-party audits in other policy areas. Our timely workshop is designed to canvas these experiences to inform discussions in Canada about how best to engage third-party audits in the regulation of AI risks.”

Discussions at the workshop will serve as the basis for a report proposing guidance on how Canada can approach the regulation of high-impact AI systems. The report will be shared via the Regulatory Governance Initiative and the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute in the fall of 2023.

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