The Awards Office has a database lookup utility for information about the many undergraduate scholarships available:

  • Entrance scholarships: If you have been admitted to Carleton with an admission average of 80 percent or better, you will automatically be considered for a renewable entrance scholarship.
  • Prestige scholarships: For all prestige scholarships, you’ll need an admission average of 90 percent or better – the selection committee will also assess the range of your community or secondary school activities.
  • In-Course scholarships: In-course scholarships are awarded to students who meet the academic and course load requirements for awarding a scholarship and who are proceeding from one year to the next.
  • Minôjitonigewin Scholarship: Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the School for Studies in Art and Culture, to an outstanding full-time undergraduate student who is entering or proceeding from one year to another in any program of study within the School.

For further info, visit the Awards Office site.