CUSA Teaching Excellence Award

A maximum of 10 Teaching Excellence Awards will be presented annually to Carleton educators who have demonstrated an outstanding ability to impart knowledge, consult students and invoke enthusiasm and participation from their students. This award is open to all teaching staff, including faculty, instructors and teaching assistants. Each successful candidate will receive a personalized plaque as well as a plaque on display at CUSA.

CUSA Open Education Excellence Award

Five Open Education Excellence Awards will be presented annually to faculty members who have demonstrated support or advocacy for the use of Open Educational Resources on campus. This award is open to faculty who do not require a textbook purchase for a course or have shown a commitment to adopt open source textbooks. Any undergraduate student may submit nominations for these awards. Faculty may also self-nominate.

GSA Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching

The Excellence Award in Graduate Teaching was established by the GSA in 1990 in order to recognize faculty and instructors who have, in the estimation of their graduate students, provided an outstanding contribution to university teaching at the graduate level. One award is presented annually in the form of a certificate as well as a permanent plaque that hangs in the GSA office.