Carleton University Chair in Teaching Innovation

The Carleton University Chair in Teaching Innovation aims to help achieve our institutional commitment to teaching, learning and innovation. Each award is for a three-year period and is meant to contribute to the development of a scholarly approach to teaching and learning across the university, with an emphasis on strategies to foster student success. The value of the award is $45,000 which will be allocated in three annual installments of $15,000.

Provost’s Fellowship in Teaching Award

This award recognizes faculty and contract instructors dedicated to sustained excellence in teaching, scholarship of teaching and the continual development of teaching. Three awards of $2,500 will be given out each year. Recipients of this award are also designated as Carleton University Teaching Fellows.

New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

New faculty bring an energy and excitement to their teaching, often motivating those around them to challenge themselves and their practices. Carleton’s Teaching and Learning Services developed this award to recognize those new faculty members who underscore Carleton’s commitment to teaching excellence and innovation. Three awards of $500 will be given out each year.

Excellence in Blended and Online Teaching Award

This award recognizes faculty members and contract instructors whose teaching in blended, HyFlex and/or online environments has had an exceptional impact on student learning. One award of $1,500 is presented annually.

Excellence in Learning Support Award

This award recognizes the many Carleton University educational support staff members who contribute to the student learning experience. Though they do not hold instructor, faculty or teaching assistant positions, these individuals positively impact student learning through their tireless work and support in labs, classrooms and many other diverse learning environments across Carleton. One award of $750 will be presented annually. Please note: Teaching and Learning Services staff members are not eligible for this award.