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Do you know an outstanding educator at Carleton who you can’t stop raving about? Do any professors, librarians or learning support staff go above and beyond to make a significant impact on your experience at Carleton? Let them know that they’re doing a great job by sending them a Raving Raven!

How do I send a Raving Raven?

Fill out the form below and the person you’ve chosen to recognize will receive an email with your feedback.

About Raving Ravens

Launched in Winter 2017 by Teaching and Learning Services, the Raving Ravens initiative provides an avenue for students to recognize educators who have made an impact on their experience at Carleton.

Students can send a Raving Raven to an educator, thanking them for a job well done. In an effort to more broadly recognize teaching excellence across campus, anyone who receives a Raving Raven message from a student during the academic year will receive a lapel pin. Pins will also be sent to those who receive or are nominated for official teaching awards.

We hope that the Raving Ravens initiative will help recognize and celebrate the outstanding efforts made by Carleton educators to contribute to a positive student experience.

Raving Ravens Nominations

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