Carleton University Teaching Achievement Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize and enhance excellence in teaching and to provide financial support for the development of an innovative teaching project at Carleton University. Faculty who are CUASA members are eligible. Five awards are given out each year valued at $15,000.

Professional Achievement Awards for Teaching Stream Faculty and Professional Librarians

The purpose of the Professional Achievement Award is to recognize outstanding scholarly achievements by instructors and librarians at Carleton University. Seven awards of $10,000 (five for instructors and two for librarians) are given out each year.

Contract Instructor Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding contract instructors at Carleton who promote teaching excellence. Five awards of $2,000 are given out annually.

Contract Instructor Teaching Innovation Grant

The purpose of the Contract Instructor Teaching Innovation Grant is to provide support to a contract instructor for investigating student learning and alternative approaches to teaching and assessing student learning at the individual, departmental, Faculty, or institutional levels. The overall aims are to foster deep student learning at Carleton University and promote curiosity, reflection, and exploration in the areas of teaching and learning. Two grants of $6,000 each are awarded annually.

Carleton University Research Achievement Awards (RAA)

The purpose of the Carleton University Research Achievement Awards is to recognize outstanding research achievements. These awards are administered by the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International). Click here for information.