On September 29, 2016, the Randall, Carrasco, and Noronha families and Carleton staff gathered at the Carleton University Library for a special room naming ceremony for the Jean and George Randall Family Study Room.

In April 2016, Milton and Val Carrasco donated the Longue Pointe log book to the Uganda Collection, along with financial support for the ongoing archival projects. Carleton University has named a library study room to recognize their contributions to the archive, and the Carrascos chose to name the room after Jean and George Randall.

George Randall was a Chief Warrant Officer in the Canadian Armed forces and was stationed at the Longue Pointe reception centre, the first stop for the Ugandan Asians arriving in Canada after their expulsion from Uganda. On his own volition, Randall recorded the family names, destinations, departure times and arrivals, and the number of pieces of luggage each family carried in a log book. The log book is a unique archival document that lists every family who arrived on chartered flights from September to November, 1972.

See photos from the room naming ceremony below:

Photos by Chris Roussakis.