In July there will be a series of reunion events held for Ugandan Musicians. For more information, please visit their events page here:

A little background on the events have been provided as follows:

In 1972, a Dictator named Idi Amin expelled all Asians/ Indians; we were given 90 days to leave the country even for those of us born there. Many countries came to Uganda to take us as refugees to their respective countries as they knew we were entrepreneurs and hard-working citizens. 60,000 of us left in 90 days and 6,000 came to Canada. We are spread all over the world. Musicians attending the monthly Zoom concerts since 2021 have come from Canada, the USA, Britain, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Kenya, and Australia–a total of 40 plus musicians. A few of them with their families will be attending the reunion. It will be 51 years in August 2023 since we were expelled.