John Nazareth

Mr. John Nazareth along with his wife came to Canada in 1973 after being granted an exemption to stay in Uganda by government authorities. This oral history covers Mr. Nazareth’s childhood and upbringing in Uganda as well as his new life in Canada.

He reflects fondly on his upbringing in Uganda recalling numerous sporting activities and enjoying collegial relations with classmates and Ugandans. Working for the Ugandan government, Mr. Nazareth was well liked amongst his colleagues and was deeply saddened by the expulsion decree. He recaptures a particularly interesting experience when describing how he was able to attain authorization to remain in Uganda. Recognizing a fellow classmate who worked in the army verifying documents enabled a quick stamp on his citizenship papers confirming his eligibility to remain in Uganda.

Upon arrival in Canada, Mr. Nazareth began working for the de Havilland, a Canadian aircraft company. Eventually he moved on to bombardier and has been working there for over 30 years. He has remained incredibly active in the Goan Overseas Association in Toronto serving in various volunteer positions within the organization.

This oral history was conducted in Mr. Nazareth’s home in Toronto, Ontario.

Interview Audio: