Nizar Fakirani

Mr. Nizar Fakirani came to Canada as a Ugandan Asian refugee in his late teens. His family was one of the last to leave before the expulsion deadline of November 8th and most of them were sent to a refugee camp in Malta. They were eventually reunited with their family in Montreal.

He reflects fondly on his childhood in Uganda recalling a happy lifestyle with his family and his parents’ strong connection to Uganda. Upon hearing of the expulsion decree the Fakirani family along with many Ugandan Asians were shocked and hoped that over time the President would change his mind. After a year in a refugee camp in Malta, they were sponsored by family members in Canada. Mr. Fakirani recalls adjusting to Canada and his early years of schooling at McGill University and the University of Ottawa.

Currently, Mr. Fakirani is a practicing lawyer in Toronto and his family has been instrumental in the creation of the Uganda Collection at Carleton University. Their team work and support spearheaded the establishment of the collection and was created in honour of their parents Hassanali and Sakinabai Fakirani.

This oral history was conducted in Mr. Fakirani’s office in Toronto, Ontario.

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