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Meet Our People: Mira

Every month we are profiling one of the Web Services Department’s team members. This month we hear about Mira, who is a co-op student with Web Services!

What interests you about this career/co-op position?

As a student majoring in Communications and Media Studies at Carleton University, I’ve spent numerous hours honing my skills in writing, researching, analyzing, and editing tasks. Whether it be essays, presentations, or even creating my own advertisements, it’s safe to say that I have engaged in various forms of communications. I believe that this co-op position will allow me to further advance in the skills I’ve acquired in my program and apply them in a professional setting. At the same time, I’m eager to delve into the technological sector and learn more about the latest advancements, especially in this ever-evolving technological world we live in.

Where else have you worked?

In my former job, I worked for a small business based in Ottawa known as Daffy’s Reptiles. I took on the role of a Social Media Coordinator Assistant, where I was required to spend the majority of my time creating digital content and writing well thought out as well as informative texts. Additionally, I had to draft and edit communication artifacts that were later published on social media platforms.

What are some of the technologies you have used along the way? 

I have become familiar with various technologies throughout my work and academic journey. These technologies include content creation platforms like iMovie and Canva, which I have used to create engaging visual content. In addition, I have utizilized a content management system known as WordPress to create and modify pages or blogs on websites. On the other hand, when it comes to web analytical tools I’ve learnt to use Emplifi and Google Analytics to gather insights on the performance of social media platforms.

What are the best things about your job? 

One of the highlights of being an ITS Communications Assistant is the chance to not only provide users with valuable technology information but also work on social media platforms. I really enjoy working on social media platforms since they serve as a space where people connect with one another and gain valuable information. With that being said, whenever I am assigned a task involving social media, I consider it a great opportunity to bring important concepts to the forefront and spark meaningful conversations about them with users to help spread awareness.

Do you have some exciting projects you are working on right now?

Yes, I am currently working on a smartphone security post. The post will discuss the potential risks and the appropriate practices that must be implemented to keep your personal information on your device secure.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment, my two favourite music genres are RnB and Afrobeats.

What are you reading at the moment?

Instead of reading books, I began looking into the world of podcasts. One of my favourite voices to tune into and that has captured my attention is Jay Shetty – highly recommend!

What do you do outside of work/school to amuse yourself?

Outside of work, I try my best to stay active by spending time at the gym or going on walks (depending on the weather). I also spend a majority of my time with my family and friends whether that’s being at home or outdoors.

What exciting plans do you have coming up in the next year?

I plan to visit my extended family back in the UAE. It’s been about three years since I last saw my grandparents, cousins, aunt, and uncles who I grew up around when I lived in the Gulf. So, I’m truly looking forward to this long awaited reunion.