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Meet Our People: Nadine

Every month we are profiling one of the Web Services Department’s team members. This month we hear about Nadine, who is a co-op student with Web Services!

How did you enter this career?

After sitting in back-to-back business and marketing classes and learning only in a classroom setting; I realized I wanted to try learning in a new way where I could apply the knowledge I was taught in class. While applying for co-op jobs, I came across a job posting that would allow myself to use my insights in business, and further my knowledge in information systems with our digitally evolving world. I am excited for my chapter here at Web Services!

Where else have you worked?

Over the summer I had my first co-op term with the Federal Government at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. During my time there, I was a part of the Programs Branch, where I learned the important skills of user-testing and understanding the development of program application forms. I also have years of customer service experience from working at Mark’s and SportChek.

What are some of the technologies you have used along the way?

I am very familiar with Microsoft Office; Excel has simplified my life when working on school, work, and personal tasks. This year, I have been working more with Canva when designing content for my marketing classes. My introductory classes in information systems have also introduced me to understanding the basics of coding through Python and building databases in Microsoft Access. I am looking forward to using WordPress and Jira here at Web Services.

What are the best things about your program?

I am currently studying marketing within Carleton University’s Commerce program. The best thing about my program is that I get to be creative and collaborate with other creative minds, where we are constantly building from each other’s innovative ideas. I also like how I am always learning something new as the marketing industry is forever changing.

Do you have some exciting projects you are working on right now?

I am currently working on some research for some of my colleagues. I have been doing research on various post-secondary institutions across the nation that use a top-down navigation system for their webpages as opposed to a side navigation system. I like how this project ties in with my areas of interest of marketing and data analytics.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

When it comes to music, I am a human encyclopedia. I listen to a variety of genres such as indie, rock, hip-hop, rap and folk. Lately, I have been listening to 80’s rock.

What are you reading at the moment?

I really enjoy reading nonfiction books about psychology and cognitive science. I am currently reading two books by Dr. Joe Dispense. One called Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and another called You Are the Placebo. Both of these books bridge the gap between science and spirituality and discusses the power of our minds over our bodies.

What do you do outside of work to amuse yourself?

If I am not at work, chances are I am at the gym. I really enjoy weightlifting with my friends here at Carleton. Additionally, I spend my time playing field hockey for Carleton’s Field Hockey Team. Recently this year, I have also been interested in cooking and trying out new recipes with my roommates.

What exciting plans do you have coming up in the next year?

I love going to concerts and music festivals. This February, my sister and I are attending Vance Joy’s concert at the National Arts Centre.