Past Florence Bird Lectures

2017 (27th)      Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm (Anishinaabe Writer), Geraldine King (Anishinaabe Writer and Community Engagement Specialist, PhD Student), and Lee Maracle (Coast Salish Poet and Author): “Storytelling, Feminism, Resistance: Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Geraldine King, and Lee Maracle in Conversation”

2016 (26th)       Ivan Coyote (Writer, Storyteller, Musician and Educator): “Neither, Nor: How to Circumnavigate the Gender Binary in Seven Thousand Easy Steps”

2015 (25th)       Karyn Recollect (Assistant Professor at the Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto): “Glyphing decolonial Love: The intersections of Indigenous hip hop feminisms, Indigenous girlhood and building solidarities”

2014 (24th)       Alia Hogben (Executive Director of the Canadian Council for Muslim Women): “Challenges for Canadian Muslim Women: The Quebec Charter of Values”

2013 (23rd)       Kim Anderson (Professor, Cree/Metis Writer and Educator): “Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings and Story Medicine”

2012 (22nd)      The Honourable Landon Pearson (Children’s Rights Advocate, Author and Former Senator):  “From Strength to Strength:  Children’s and Women’s Rights over the Life Cycle”

2011 (21st)       Bonnie Devine (Artist, Curator, Writer and Educator):  “Claiming and Naming:  A question  of land and identity”

2010 (20th)       Flora Igoki Terah (Community Worker and Political Activist):  “Broken Bodies, Unbroken Spirit”

2008 (19th)       Maude Barlow (Water Activist and Author):  “Water – The Most Pressing Women’s Issue of All?”

2006 (18th)       Bonnie Sherr Klein (Feminist Filmmaker and Disability Activist): “SHAMELESS:  The ART of DISABILITY – Some Thoughts about Film, Feminism and Activism”

2005 (17th)       “Jane Doe” (Writer, Teacher and Activist):  “The Story of Jane Doe:  the Politics of Rape”

2004 (16th)       Nelofer Pazira, (Journalist and Film-maker):  “Image and Reality:  Women in Afghanistan”

2003 (15th)       The Honourable Susan Whelan, P.C., M.P. Minister for International Cooperation:  “Leading the Way:  Canada’s International Role in Promoting Gender Equality”

2002 (14th)       Maureen McTeer, (Author and Lawyer):  “Women and the Commercialisation of Life:  From Surrogacy to Genetic Patenting and the Harvard Mouse”

2001 (13th)       Maureen O’Neil, President, International Development Research Centre: “The Future of Canadian Democracy: Lessons from the Royal Commissions ”

1998 (12th)       Dr. Didi Khayatt. Director, The Centre for Feminist Research, York University:  “Talking Equity: Classroom Experiences”

1997 (11th)       Mairuth Sarsfield: “Woman as a Commodity”

1996 (10th)       Professor Patricia Smart (Dept. of French) :  “Seven Women Who Dared to be Different:  The Women Artists of Quebec’s Automatist Movement”

1995 (9th)         Professor Greta Hofmann-Nemiroff (Joint Chair):  “I’m a Stranger Here Myself”:  A Feminist Account of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing”

1994 (8th)         Professor Thelma McCormack (York University):  “Infertility is a Feminist Issue”

1993 (7th)         Ms. Judy Rebick:  “Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Society”

1992 (6th)         Mme. Madeleine Parent:  “Changes over a Lifetime of Feminist Labour Activism:  A View from Quebec”

1991 (5th)         Professor Monique Begin (Joint Chair):  “Women in Health Sciences:  Points of Resistance to Change”

1990 (4th)         Dr. Glenda Sims:  “Racism and Sexism in the 90’s”

1989 (3rd)         Ms. Rosemary Brown:  “Feminism/Development: Women Working for Global Change”

1988 (2nd)        Professor Naomi Griffiths:  “Mating and Marriage in Early Acadia”

1987 (1st)         Professor Margaret Wade Labarge:  “The Education of Medieval Women:  Many questions, some answers”