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Disability Studies at Carleton

The Disability Studies Minor is administered through the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation as of July 2018 (formerly housed in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies).

The Disability Studies Minor offers students an opportunity to study disability as a category of analysis from an interdisciplinary approach. Students will be exposed to cutting edge theories, methodologies, and debates that explore disability from historical, cultural, political, economic, and social perspectives. Examples of areas of research interests will include disability and the law, disability and theories of sexuality, disability and policy, disability activism, disability movements (local and transnational), disability and race, and disability in literature and art, to name only a few.

Disability Studies is an exciting and growing field with endless possibilities for learning. This program will appeal to those interested in Disability Studies in general and/or to those who plan to work in the area of human rights, social work, education, youth health, public policy, and counseling.

Students will explore questions such as:

  • How has disability and the disability rights movement been defined and understood historically? 
  • What is the relationship between disability and race, sexuality, gender, size, class, and Indigeneity? 
  • What is ableism, and how is it connected to other systems of oppression? 
  • How do disability concepts differ and overlap globally? 
  • What does disability justice look like in practice?

The Carleton University Disability Research Group

The objective of Carleton University’s Disability Research Group is to raise awareness, as well as questions about societal understandings of disability and technology by creating virtual exhibits and other collaborative, multidisciplinary research outputs that take a participatory approach to telling the histories of activists, users, and innovators who contribute to a more inclusive and accessible transnational Canada. To learn more about the research group, click on the button below.

News and Research


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Faculty working in Disability Studies