New Faculty and Curriculum for Fall 2021

We have some exciting developments in store for 2021-22 as we continue to create opportunities for intersectional study in each of our programs:  Women’s and Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Disability Studies – and our new minor in Critical Race Studies!  

Critical Race Studies Minor

Our new minor will be inaugurated with the arrival of our new faculty member, Manjeet Birk, who will teach a new CRST 2001 Introduction to Critical Race Studies course and an advanced seminar WGST 4001/WGST 5901 in Critical Race Studies.  

Critical Disability Studies 

We have also made a new hire in the area of critical disability studies, Fady Shanouda.  Fady will be teaching DBST 2001, our second-year core course for the Disability Studies Minor, and he will also teach a third-year course in Critical Mad Studies (WGST 3812)

Feminist Social Transformation

In recognition of its status as a gateway course for all of our majors and minors, WGST 1808 has been renamed Introduction to Feminist Social Transformation.  And we have a new core course for our majors, WGST 3001 Theory and Method in Feminist Social Transformation, which replaces our previous theory and method sequence (WGST 3809 and 3810).   


For further details on all of the above, check the web pages for each program (see tabs on the side and/or links above.)  As part of our efforts to integrate all of our programs, we have made some changes to the requirements for our Majors and Minors for 2021-22.  If you have questions, please contact our undergraduate advisor Megan Rivers-Moore and/or our administrator, Lana Keon.