Welcome to the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation!

The Feminist Institute of Social Transformation provides you with a unique and exciting opportunity to examine the diverse ways in which gender, sexuality, and dis/ability shape our lives and the world around us.  The Institute also houses the Sexuality Studies Minor, Disability Studies Minor, and the Critical Race Studies Minor.  The Feminist Institute of Social Transformation offers a stimulating, supportive and culturally inclusive environment in which to explore questions such as:

  • How do popular culture and the media shape our ideas about gender
  • How does our gender affect our experience of race, class, sexual orientation, disability and age?
  • Do women still face a “glass ceiling” in the workplace?
  • What influences how masculinity and femininity are constructed in societies?
  • How do we achieve global gender equality?

Undergraduate Studies

Women’s and Gender Studies Undergraduate Program Sexuality Studies (Minor) Disability Studies (Minor) Critical Race Studies (Minor) Global Genders and Sexualities

Graduate Studies

Masters of Arts, Women’s and Gender Studies