The new Minor in Sexuality Studies is administered through the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation as of July 2018 (formerly administered through the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies). The Minor in Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to a fast growing field of study. Sexuality will be examined in its historical context and through current social, political, and cultural practices. The complex role of gender identities-gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, and heterosexual-will also be analyzed. Students will be introduced to a diverse range of topics: queer theory and politics, marriage and the family, gay and lesbian parenting, human rights and diversity, law and sexuality, pornography and censorship, reproductive rights, and HIV/AIDS activism.

Students will explore questions such as:

  • How have sexualities been defined and represented historically?
  • What new sexualities and sexes/genders have emerged in different periods and locations?
  • What is the relationship between sexuality and socio-economic and/or cultural practices?
  • How has globalization had an impact on sexuality studies?
  • What research approaches and critical methods are available for addressing sexuality in its multiple dimensions?

The Minor consists of two required 0.5 credit courses in Sexuality Studies and 3.0 credits chosen from a list of existing courses drawn from the various contributing departments. The program will be of particular interest to those who are interested in Sexuality Studies in general and/or to those who plan to work or are working in national and international community organizations involved with HIV/AIDS, human rights, marriage debates, reproduction rights and technologies, youth health, and hate crime issues and policies.

1.  1.0 credit in: 1.0
FYSM 1402 [1.0]                                                   Issues in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGST 1808 [1.0]                                                  Introduction to Feminist Social Transformation (previously called Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies)
2. 0.5 credit in:
SXST 2101 [0.5]
Sexuality Studies: A Critical Introduction 0.5
3.  1.0 credit from Approved Sexuality Studies Electives at the 2000-level or higher 1.0
4.  1.5 credit from Approved Sexuality Studies Electives at the 3000-level or higher 1.5
5. The remaining requirements of the major discipline(s) and degree must be satisfied
Total Credits 4.0