Let us know what you have been up to since leaving Carleton! Any news at all! Graduate and Undergraduate news welcome, email us here!

Olivia Atsin, M.A. Alumna 2020

Olivia is currently working as a Project Coordinator at the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, a national bilingual feminist organization in Canada dedicated to research using feminist, intersectional frameworks in their research and analysis.

Elizabeth Owusu-Peprah, M.A. Alumna 2018

Elizabeth is working at a domestic violence shelter (Naomi’s Family Resource Centre) in Winchester, ON, as a Women’s Advocate.

Bernadeth Betchi Nnomo, M.A. Alumna 2018

Bernadeth joined the communications and planning unit in the Prime Minister’s Office as a new special assistant, currently working in Madame Gregoire Trudeau’s office.

Rebecca Elkerton, M.A. Alumna 2016

Rebecca has authored the 2019 Climate Change Report for Femmes autochtones du Québec – Quebec Native Women last spring. She was part of a team that interviewed Indigenous women about their experiences on the land, changes in the environment and what this meant to identity and traditional practices.  See the report here.

Evelyn Boy-Mena, M.A. Alumna 2015

Evelyn is on contract as a consultant with the World Health Organization Evidence and Programme Guidance Unit and is currently in Geneva.

Patricia Baxter, M.A. Alumna 2015

Patricia has recently started a blog about her experiences entitled Autistic Observations. She has also published Autism & Empowerment: What Gaming Means To Me and will soon start a new job at the Peterborough Social Planning Council.

Ann Morneau, M.A. Alumna 2015

Ann is currently the Assistant to the Joint Chair in Women’s Studies at the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa.

Sarah Hedges-Chou, M.A. Alumna 2015

Sarah was featured in the Institute’s Winter 2015 newsletter, she spoke about moving to Iqaluit, Nunavut, and applying her academic background in women’s and gender studies to her new role as a Program and Communications Officer for the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

Narges (Fariba) Sahebi, M.A. Alumna 2015

Fariba is currently in the role of Job Developer, Power of Trades at the YMCA-YWCA.
Fariba volunteered for Walking With Our Sisters, a commemorative art installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The installation has exhibited in cities throughout Canada and the US. Fariba worked as a volunteer when the installation came to Ottawa and was exhibited at the Carleton University Art Gallery in 2015. Fariba was featured in the PJIWGS Winter 2015 newsletter here.

Zoë Gross, M.A. Alumna 2013

Zoë is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto. She is currently working on her dissertation which is tentatively titled, “Performing Canadian ‘Goodness’ in East Africa: Racial and Sexual Morality in International Development”.

Zahira Sarwar, M.A. Alumna 2014

Zahira has co-edited a book titled Diversity and Recognition: New Perspectives in Diasporic Experience. In 2014 she was interviewed by Jim on CKCU (12.08 in) on the topics of Muslim women’s rights, “honour killings”, and ongoing violent re-colonizations by Western feminists. Listen to her interview here.

Kathleen Kuracina, M.A. Alumna 2013

Kathleen worked as a Junior Professional Consultant (JPC) for the United Nations through the International Development and Diplomacy Internship Programme (IDDIP). As a JPC she worked in Valledupar, Colombia, see her blog about her time in Columbia here. She now lives in Victoria, BC and continues to support the UN as a volunteer researcher for IDDIP alumni. She was featured in the UNAC’s June newsletter, which highlights her contributions to the UN.

Cynthia Hannigan, B.A. Combined Honours Political Science/WOMN, Alumna 2013

Cynthia moved to Belleville in the summer of 2013 to work with the Victim/Witness Assistance Program!

Taylor Grant, B.A. Combined Honours Human Rights/WOMN, Minor in Sexuality Studies, Alumna 2013

Taylor received a new position at the North Bay Regional Health Centre as a Volunteer Engagement Assistant!  She oversees 300 volunteers that work in over 50 program areas and provides front-line support to her colleagues and volunteers.