The Feminist Institute of Social Transformation organizes a number of events each year. Our main events include the Feminist Futures Lecture Series, the Florence Bird Annual Lecture and events put on by the Joint Chair in Women’s Studies.

Feminist Futures

The Feminist Futures Lecture Series offers presentations of current feminist research being carried out by faculty associated with the Institute. Drawing from the rich interdisciplinary, intersectional research environment that marks past work and frames future endeavors, the Feminist Futures Lecture Series continues the development of critical intellectual and political spaces and knowledge-building around gendered issues. In this friendly but critically engaged space, you are invited to connect with a community of scholar-activists associated with the Feminist Institute of Feminist Transformation at Carleton University.

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Graduate Conference

Florence Bird Annual Lecture

Tuesday, March 5th, 4:30-6:30 PM
2017 DT

About the Lecture

Black“LGBTQIA+” Psychology: Understanding collective self-determination, Afrocentrism, and optimal identity will be an overview of Dr. Michele K. Lewis’ Fulbright research project. Lewis will frame her work as intersecting Black Psychology, Culture Neuroscience, and what has been theorized as a Kemetic model of the cosmological interactive self (Maat, 2014). The objective of the project is greater understanding of spirit identities and interpersonal experiences of Black Same-Gender Loving (SGL), “LGBTQIA+” and/or non-binary gendered Black-identifying persons residing in Canada and the United States. Lewis’ use of Africentric methodology and reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clark­) renders the project a decolonized form of doing international research. Her research questions address participants’ belief systems, mystic experiences, identity, motivations, and attitudes as revealed through Africentric methodology. Preliminary observations and analysis will be presented on this work in progress. More Information >

Joint Chair in Women’s Studies

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Co-Sponsored Events

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