Full-time faculty, cross-appointed faculty, contract instructors, adjunct research professors, postdoctoral fellows, and retired faculty in the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation (FIST) are listed below. Please click on a name to view detailed information:

Full-time Faculty

Fulbright Distinguished Chairs

Adjunct Research Professors

Adjunct research professors refer to retired associate or assistant professors or professors external to the University who demonstrate significant scholarship and activity in research as well as continuing involvement in significant research activities at the University.

Note: Graduate students whose theses are supervised by Adjunct Research Professors must have a co-supervisor who is a PJIWGS/FIST faculty member with graduate supervision status.

Contract Instructors

Cross Appointments

Cross appointed faculty members are faculty in other departments at Carleton University that share research interests in Women’s and Gender Studies, Critical Race Studies, Disability Studies and/or Sexuality Studies and are able to co-supervise graduate students at the MA level. Please consult the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduate Studies office for more information.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Retired Faculty