Photo of Dan Irving

Dan Irving

Associate Professor, WGST & Human Rights

Degrees:P.D. Political Science (York)

Dan Irving is an Associate Professor cross appointed to the Feminist institute of Social Transformation and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies teaching in the Human Rights (IIS) and Sexuality Studies (FIST) programs. In the spring of 2015, he launched his new research project exploring Eminem, “aggrieved entitlement” (Kimmel 2008) and other affective dimensions of youth masculinities in times of socio-economic crisis. Currently, Irving is wrapping up his study of trans* and two-spirit individuals experiences of unemployment and underemployment. He has presented findings to academic, professional and public audiences. Irving is the co-editor of Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader (with Rupert Raj) published by Canadian Scholar’s Press. His work has been published in Transgender Studies Reader 2, Sexuality Studies and Australian Feminist Studies. Irving also serves on the Board of Directors of Egale Canada as Secretary.

Courses taught: Feminist theory; Introduction to Trans Studies; Introduction to Sexuality Studies; Human Rights and Power Relations; Transgender Human Rights; Human Rights and Sexuality; Human Rights and Resistance

Research areas of interest: Transgender Studies, Critical Men and Masculinity Studies, Critical Labour Studies

Selected Publications:

  1. Irving, D., & Hoo, N. (2020). Doing Trans-Economic Justice: A Critique of Anti-Discrimination Laws and Inclusive Employment Policies. Canadian Journal of Law and Society/La Revue Canadienne Droit et Société, 35(2), 197-220.
  2. Irving, D. (2020). ESCAPING NEUROTIC JUSTICE. We Resist: Defending the Common Good in Hostile Times, 66.
  3. Irving, D., & Raj, R. (Eds.). (2014). Trans activism in Canada: A reader. Canadian Scholars’ Press.
  4. Irving, D. (2008). Normalized transgressions: Legitimizing the transsexual body as productive. Radical History Review, 2008(100), 38-59.


  1. Working For Change: A Two Spirit, Trans and Non-Binary Unemployment Study
  2. Untouchable? Eminem, Whiteness and the Emotional Landscapes of Young Men in Ontario 

In the Media:

  1. Working for Change Project – A National Study of Two-Spirit, Trans and Non-Binary Unemployment and Underemployment has launched! Co-principle investigator alongside Dr. Brittany Jakubiec (Egale Canada). This study is in partnership with Egale Canada and is funded by WAGE.