Photo of Katie Bausch

Katie Bausch

Instructor, Undergraduate Advisor

Degrees:PhD in History (York University), M.A. in Social Sciences (University of Chicago), B.A. Honours (University of Toronto)

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Katie Bausch is trained as a feminist historian and interdisciplinary scholar whose early research examined the intersections of masculinity, whiteness, and anti-black racism in US popular culture. Currently, Katie is working on researching and developing pedagogical tools that can be used to educate and empower students to learn and unlearn the patriarchal, colonial, and white supremacist structures in our world. Katie hopes to eventually make these tools available for in-person and online classrooms.

Courses taught:WGST1808; WGST2812 (Gender, Sexuality, & Popular Culture); WGST2814 (Masculinity and Popular Culture); WGST2814 (Masculinities); WGST3812 (Gender & Social Media Culture); WGST5906

Research areas of interest: Gender, Whiteness, and Popular Culture

Selected Publications: