Photo of Nadia Abu-Zahra

Nadia Abu-Zahra

Associate Professor, Joint Chair in Women's Studies

Degrees:D.Phil. (2007) – Geography – University of Oxford; International Certificate Course (2004) – Refugees and International Humanitarian Law – University of Oxford; M.A. (2002) – Geography, Environment, and Health – University of Toronto; B.A. (1999) – Economics (Major) and International Development Studies – University of Toronto
Office:DT 1422
Website:uOttawa Profile

Dr. Abu-Zahra is an Associate Professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa, and a member of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre.

She co-facilitates, with Professor Emily Regan Wills, “Community Mobilization in Crisis”, a project that co-creates open educational resources with community mobilizers around the world in multiple languages, and supports the use of the resources transnationally to build community mobilizations.

Dr. Abu-Zahra has written on a variety of topics, including gender justice in colonial and conflict situations, and the implications of geographic (im)mobility for education and health. She has a longstanding interest in pedagogy, works closely with university services and research groups in teaching and active, experiential, and community-engaged learning, and was a finalist for the Ottawa Network for Education’s Capital Educators’ Award. Her research focuses on the everyday consequences and spaces for agency in situations of crisis and, most recently, on the role of higher education institutions in transforming power relations and opening spaces for healthy and accountable relations

Dr. Abu-Zahra invites members of the student and faculty community, as well as feminist organizations from the local to the transnational levels, to join in communities of practice with the theme, “Sharing Feminist Pedagogy and Mobilising Solidarity in Our Learning Environment”.

These communities of practice will be opportunities to share experiences and interests in learning and in transforming the structures and contexts of learning, with inspiration from the diverse but often under-celebrated initiatives that abound in these communities. Dr. Abu-Zahra will also facilitate credit-bearing seminars in “Feminist Pedagogy, Community Mobilization, and Learning”.

Email for more information and to sign up!