Photo of Augustine Park

Augustine Park

Associate Professor

Degrees:PhD (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2593
Office:C766 Loeb Building

Areas of Interest

Transitional justice, restorative justice, community-based justice; colonial and settler colonialism; race, racialization, racism; global southern childhoods.

Possible areas of supervision include: transitional justice, restorative justice, colonialism and settler colonialism, race, racialization and racism, children and childhood, studies on universities/higher education.


My current areas of research are: (1) examining the limits of transitional justice as a response to colonial contexts and (2) examining the experiences of BIPOC students.

Selected Recent Publications

Park, A.S.J. (2021). Settler Colonialism and the South Africa TRC: Ambivalent Denial and Democratisation without Decolonisation. Social & Legal Studies. DOI:

Park, A.S.J. (2020). Settler Colonialism, Decolonization and Radicalizing Transitional Justice. International Journal of Transitional Justice. DOI:

Park, A.S.J. (2016). Remembering the Children: Decolonizing Community-Based Restorative Justice for Indian Residential Schools. Contemporary Justice Review, 19(4), 424-444.

Park, A.S.J. (2015). Settler Colonialism and the Politics of Grief: Theorising a Decolonising Transitional Justice for Indian Residential Schools. Human Rights Review, 16(3), 273-293.

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Park, A.S.J. (2013). Introduction: The labour of race. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 38(4), 453-464.

Park, A.S.J. (2013). Racial-Nationalism and Representations of Citizenship: The Recalcitrant Alien, the Citizen of Convenience and the Fraudulent Citizen. Canadian Journal of Sociology. 38(4), 557-578.

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