Photo of Kelly Fritsch

Kelly Fritsch

Assistant Professor

Degrees:PhD (York)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2617
Office:A706 Loeb Building

Areas of Interest

Disability studies; sociology of health, illness, and medicine; feminist science and technology studies; political economy; social and political theory; social movements.


Prior to joining the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Kelly Fritsch earned her Ph.D. in Social and Political Thought at York University (2015) and was a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the Women & Gender Studies Institute and Technoscience Research Unit, University of Toronto (2015-2018). Her research broadly engages crip, queer, and feminist theory to explore the politics of disability, health, technology, risk, and accessibility.

Fritsch’s current research projects include developing the emerging field of crip technoscience by taking up the politics of community accessibility and the production and circulation of enhancement and capacitation technologies such as robotic exoskeletons, prosthetics, and personal assistive and adaptive devices; a critical examination of how neoliberal economic policies and practices, as well as economies of war, imperialism, and colonialism impact disabled communities and disability politics; and collaborative projects engaging with the practices of personalized medicine and their relation to neoliberalized forms of risk and social control. Fritsch’s research and teaching is committed to creating and expanding frameworks and practices of social justice by building on her experiences as a disabled woman and through challenging the inequitable cultural and material productions of difference as informed by histories of race and ethnicity, class, ability, gender, and sexuality.

Recent Publications

Edited Volumes

Fritsch, Kelly, Aimi Hamraie, Mara Mills, and David Serlin, eds. Forthcoming, 2018. “Crip Technoscience.” Special Issue of Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience.

Fritsch, Kelly, and Anne McGuire, eds. Forthcoming, 2018. “Queer/Crip Contagions.” Special Issue of Feminist Formations 30(1).

Simpkins, R., and Kelly Fritsch, eds. 2017. “The Somatechnics of Sexuality in Canada.” Special Issue of Somatechnics 7(2).

Fritsch, Kelly, Clare O’Connor, and AK Thompson, eds. 2016. Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late-Capitalist Struggle. Chico, CA: AK Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

Fritsch, Kelly. 2016. “Blood Functions: Disability, Biosociality and Facts of the Body.” Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 10(3): 341-356.

Fritsch, Kelly. 2016. “Cripping Neoliberal Futurity: Marking the Elsewhere and Elsewhen of Desiring Otherwise.” Feral Feminisms 5(Spring): 11-26.

Fritsch, Kelly, Robert Heynen, Amy Ross, and Emily van der Meulen. 2016. “Disability and Sex Work: Developing Affinities through Decriminalization.” Disability & Society 31(1): 84-99.

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Nguyen, Xuan Thuy, Claudia Mitchell, Naydene de Lange, and Kelly Fritsch. 2015. “Engaging girls with disabilities in Vietnam: Making their voices count.” Disability & Society 30(5): 773–787.

Book Chapters

Fritsch, Kelly. 2017. “Toxic Pregnancies: Speculative Futures, Disabling Environments, and Neoliberal Biocapital.” In Disability Studies and the Environmental Humanities: Toward an Eco-Crip Theory, edited by Sarah Jaquette Ray and Jay Sibara, 359-380. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Fritsch, Kelly. 2017. “Contesting the Neoliberal Affects of Disabled Parenting: Toward a Relational Emergence of Disability.” In Disabling Domesticity, edited by Mike Rembis, 243-268. New York: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Fritsch, Kelly. 2016. “Accessible.” In Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late Capitalist Struggle, edited by Kelly Fritsch, Clare O’Connor, and AK Thompson, 23-28. Chico, CA: AK Press.

Encyclopedia Entries

Fritsch, Kelly. Forthcoming. “Disability and Body Enhancement.” In American Life: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and Controversies, edited by Tamar Heller, Sarah Parker Harris, Carol Gill, and Robert Parry Gould. Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO.

Book Reviews

Fritsch, Kelly. 2017. Review of Kelly, Christine (2016) Disability Politics and Care: The Challenge of Direct Funding. Vancouver: UBC Press. Disability Studies Quarterly 37(1).

Fritsch, Kelly. 2016. Review of Block, Pamela, et al. (2016) Occupying Disability: Critical Approaches to Community, Justice, and Decolonizing Disability. New York: Springer. Somatechnics 6(2): 264–268.

Fritsch, Kelly. 2015. Review of Don Kulick and Jens Rydström (2015) Loneliness and Its Opposite: Sex, Disability, and the Ethics of Engagement, Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Feminist Review 111: e3–e4.

Other Publications

Hamraie, Aimi and Kelly Fritsch. 2017. “Crip Technoscience.” Transmissions: An SSS Companion Blog. September 20.

Fritsch, Kelly. 2016. “Cripping Concepts: Accessibility.” Editorial. Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal 12(4): 1-4.

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