The U-Pass

TheĀ Universal Transit Pass, more commonly known as the U-Pass, is a bus pass offered through Carleton University at a discounted rate. The U-Pass has come into effect through CUSA and GSA referendums and through collaboration with OC Transpo and STO. During the Winter term of 2016, both undergraduate and graduate students voted in favour of a Summer U-Pass.

The U-Pass is a compulsory fee for all students who are enrolled in full-time classes. In the summer term, full-time classes is defined as being registered in at least 1.0 credit. In the fall or winter term, full-time classes is defined as at least 1.5 credits in either term. Graduate students who are designated as “full-time” are also eligible for the U-Pass. TheĀ U-Pass for the upcoming academic year will be available to be picked up from the Campus Card Office (407 University Centre) starting July 18th, 2016.

Students can also apply to opt-out of the U-Pass. Find out if you are eligible to opt-out of the U-Pass.