1. Eligibility Requirements
    1. Undergraduate Students
    2. Graduate Students
    3. Co-op Students
    4. Special Students
  2. Becoming Ineligible
  3. What if I don’t return the U-Pass?

Eligibility Requirements

Please also see opting in for more information on the criteria that allows you to join the program.

Undergraduate Students

  • Fall / Winter pass period (Sep – Apr): 1.5 credits per semester
  • Summer pass period (May – Aug): 1.0 credits total

Graduate Students

  • Full-time status

Co-op Students

Special Students

  • Summer pass period (May – Aug): 1.0 credits total
  • Fall / Winter pass period (Sep – Apr): Ineligible with 1.0 credits per semester

Becoming Ineligible

To receive a pro-rated refund, please return your U-Pass to the Campus Card Office (407 University Centre) during our hours of operation. Note that this is only required if you have a card that works in the current pass period (Sep – Apr or May – Aug) and subsequently became ineligible.

If you cannot return your U-Pass in person, you may mail it at your own expense or have someone else return it on your behalf. Fee adjustments cannot be processed until the U-Pass has been received at the Campus Card Office.

What if I don’t return the U-Pass?

If you do not return the U-Pass, you will not receive a refund.

In addition, ineligible students who use the pass are violating the terms and conditions of the program, which carries the following potential consequences if OC Transpo enforcement officers find you using the U-Pass:

  • You may be subject to a fine of up to $700.
  • You may receive a Provincial Offence Notice.
  • Your pass may be confiscated, resulting in loss of your ability to receive a refund for the U-Pass fee.

If you become eligible again at any time or in any future term, you may return to pick up your U-Pass – we will not email you to inform you of this. Students who become ineligible in the fall term but are eligible again in the winter may pick their U-Pass back up when winter term distribution starts. U-Passes may only be used when you are eligible.