The U-Pass

The Universal Transit Pass, more commonly known as the U-Pass, is a bus pass offered through Carleton University at a discounted rate. The U-Pass has come into effect through CUSA and GSA referendums and through collaboration with OC Transpo and STO. During the Winter term of 2016, both undergraduate and graduate students voted in favour of a Summer U-Pass.

The U-Pass is a compulsory fee for all students who are enrolled in full-time classes. In the summer term, full-time classes is defined as being registered in at least 1.0 credit. In the fall or winter term, full-time classes is defined as at least 1.5 credits in either term. Graduate students who are designated as “full-time” are also eligible for the U-Pass. New students who apply online for their cards, or attend Summer Orientation, will be able to receive their U-Pass with their Campus Card. A general distribution date will be posted as soon as it is available.

Students can also apply to opt-out of the U-Pass. Find out if you are eligible to opt-out of the U-Pass.

New U-Pass smartcard

Starting this summer, a blue U-Pass smartcard will be distributed to all full-time students. Please tap your U-Pass on the card reader when you board the bus and at O-Train Trillium Line stations. On STO buses, please board at the front door and “tap on”.

Remember: your U-Pass is not transferable and cannot be shared.

Reuse your U-Pass smartcard each semester

U-Pass smartcards will be programmed each semester with expiry dates so that the same cards can be reused. Before each semester, students will be instructed when and where to tap their cards to activate them.

Keep your U-Pass smartcard for Fall 2018 Fall Eligible Students

Students that receive a Summer U-Pass should hold onto their card until they graduate .

Fall Eligible Students

If you are ELIGIBLE in the Fall term, you will follow this process.

If you are NOT ELIGIBLE in the Fall term, keep your card safe until you become eligible again.  If you become eligible at a later date and do not have your card, you will need to pay the replacement fee of $25.00.

New fare gates on the O-Train Trillium Line

  • Fare gates are being installed this summer at Greenboro, Confederation, Carleton, and Carling O-Train Stations.
  • Fare gates are easy to use and fully accessible
  • Tap your U-Pass then walk through the fare gate to enter
  • When exiting, just walk through the gate and the barrier will open automatically—no tap required

Benefits of the U-Pass

  • Significant savings compared to a regular monthly pass
  • Unlimited travel
  • Helps support a sustainable community
  • The Fall/Winter  U-Pass fee is $415.04, plus an administrative fee of $4.36, per each semester.  The Fall/Winter U-Pass is valid September 1, 2018, to April 30, 2019.

Lost your U-Pass?

If you lose your U-Pass, call OC Transpo’s Lost & Found at 613-563-4011 or visit If your pass is not found, a replacement is available for a fee at your institution

Campus Card Office hours of operation: 

The 2018 Summer U-Pass fee is $202.46 for the semester .