If you plan to opt out, do NOT pick up your U-Pass.

Opt-Out Process

Get Your First U-Pass

You can pick up your U-Pass at the Campus Card Office in room 407 Nideyinàn.

New students who apply online for their student ID (Campus Card) and are eligible will receive their U-Pass with their Campus Card. Please check for service outage notifications before travelling to campus. All customers must use the QLess system to arrange their visit. Walk ups are not permitted.

  • You may not send a friend, family member, or other third party to pick up or replace your U-Pass.
  • Government issued photo ID or your Campus Card is required.
  • NEVER throw away your U-Pass!
  • Do not bend or put holes in your U-Pass. Damaged U-Passes cost $25 to replace.

Replacement Cards

Eligible students who lose or damage their U-Pass should come to the Campus Card Office (407 Nideyinàn) to replace it. Please review the process for visiting the Campus Card Office – we are not accepting walk ins at the current time.

Visit the Campus Card Office

There is a fee of $25 for a replacement U-Pass. This fee is non-refundable, and once your U-Pass is replaced, it will be deactivated permanently. Old cards cannot be reactivated and should be destroyed.

If the card malfunctions, the Campus Card Office will test it to verify whether the card is in working order. If we verify it is malfunctioning (not due to unreasonable wear and tear), it will be replaced for free.

Name Changes

If you just added a Preferred First Name (PFN) through Carleton Central, or legally changed your name with the Registrar’s Office, you are entitled to a free replacement of your Campus Card and U-Pass.


  1. Allow one business day for the change to show in our system, and then come to the Campus Card Office during our hours of operation with government issued photo ID. If this is a legal name change, your ID must match your new name.
  2. You must be eligible for the U-Pass program.
  3. If already picked up a U-Pass previously, you will need to give back the old one to get the new one free! The same rule applies for your Campus Card.