1. Preferred First Name (PFN)
    1. What is a Preferred First Name (PFN)?
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  2. Legal Name
    1. What is my legal name?

Preferred First Name (PFN)

What is a Preferred First Name (PFN)?

Your preferred first name is the first name you commonly go by, and differs from your legal first name.

Carleton University requires that individuals use their legal name on all legal records and official documents (e.g. transcripts and Certificates of Enrolment).

The PFN is fully supported in the following systems:

  • Campus Card / U-Pass
  • CU email address
  • MyCarletonOne (MC1) account
  • Class lists and grading
  • Brightspace
  • myAudit results

How-To Video

This video will walk you through the process of changing your preferred first name.

How to Change Your Preferred First Name | Carleton Central How-To (YouTube)

Legal Name

What is my legal name?

Your legal name is the name you were given at birth. Non-Canadian students can find their legal names on their immigration documents or passport. This name is used on all official documentation and records (diploma, transcripts, etc.) at Carleton University.

Your legal name forms the basis for all of your academic accomplishments. As such, it is expected that students will provide a complete and accurate legal name upon application for admission and maintain and update this name if circumstances change.